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Revolution of technology in education

 Julia M Cameron– Pexels

Technology has a big impact and revolutionized the way people live and work. It has become a necessity, if for a day we are deprived of electricity we feel our lives have come to an end. We are now depending a lot on electricity and have reached to an extent from where there is no return is possible. Technology has allowed us to unleash many hidden secrets of the universe and has put many interesting challenges for the people like traveling to the moon and going deep in the ocean.

Technology has captured all imperative aspects of our lives. Revolution in industries was the result of the introduction of machinery. Now, the entire workforce on earth is directly or indirectly linked to technology, millions daily reap huge benefits from technology. Education is one sector that demands technology to the maximum. Technology very smoothly fits into the academic activities going on in schools. With technology in schools, parents can keep a stricter eye on their kids as the school administration has the contacts of parents and they can be immediately informed if the kid bunks school or arrives late. With the help of voice mail, the parents are able to keep informed about the progress of their children. It has also facilitated teachers to a great extent. They can send homework to the students from home, receive assignments online and even grade them on the computer.

Colleges and universities have experienced more advantages than schools. These institutes have made online libraries on dedicated networks. These libraries have all the courses and much other relevant information. Students and teachers are given access to these libraries. Using the sources of online libraries the teachers can prepare better notes and lectures for the class whereas the students have unlimited access to books and journals that greatly helps them in understanding the subjects easily and more independently; the students can even search for term papers.

The workflow of the educational institute’s administration is also made simple due to technology. They can maintain students’ profiles on software. With exclusive online facilities, the students are allowed to register for the coming session or the classes. Several student-teacher communities are made online in which students are encouraged to question the teachers about the problems they are facing in their subjects. Student council body forums are also generated that hold lively sessions amongst students related to progress they wish to see in the institute.

Now it is a trend for all educational institutes to have a web presence. This web presence allows the school or the university to be available for service to the entire world. They update their websites with coming admission dates, available courses, fee structure, and also introduce to the staff. The best aspect of these websites is that they display the coming events and happenings in their schools, like this if there is a seminar coming up on fashion design in the college auditorium the interested students would know.

Constant technology improvements are being introduced in the educational sector to create more and more facilities for the students and the teachers.

How Overthinking Could Ruin Your life?

We think because we are alive breathing and we like to question things. There’s a side in us which questions a lot and likes to analyze every little thing. Unfortunately, though, sometimes this becomes a habit for many and it can get so intense that it could ruin your life. This becomes a toxic cycle difficult to escape and everyone around you also might suffer as a result. The easiest way to stop overthinking though is to drop all expectations. Without expectations, there are only pleasant surprises.


Entering the mind of an Overthinker

When someone thinks it starts off normal, but then somewhere they get stuck in a loop. They keep trying to go deeper and deeper and while they do this, they think they are solving some sort of a problem. But the reality is they are trying to find problems where there are none.

Often it comes from a place of feeling vulnerable. We’re all somewhat fearful of the unknown and future. We keep trying to solve these problems within our heads. An overthinker dwells either in the past or the future with no regard for the present which they could work on.

Simply put all it takes is a single event or a memory to start a domino effect of overthinking and linking all the negative experiences while ignoring all the neutral and positive ones. This goes the other way too often the overthinker will only think about all the positive experiences and dwell on their current negative situation without reminding themselves of how they reached those positive states previously. Overthinking and anxiety are very related to each other.

Games Your Mind Plays

Ironic process theory

Here’s a classic example of the ironic process theory, If you ask someone to not think of a pink elephant they will be more likely to picture it. This happens because deliberate attempts to suppress thoughts make them more likely to appear in your mind. So by extension brute-forcing, your way out of overthinking is usually very difficult.

Your mind loves taking shortcuts wherever it can. We shove so much information in that little thing that it has to take any shortcuts. In doing so, however, it can also take shortcuts to your emotional interpretations of certain situations in your head.

Playing the blame game

Whenever there is anything that you perceive to be negative and if you can find someone to pin the blame on to someone else, you will more than often take it. This is a normal thing and almost everyone has done this at least once in their life. But coming out of this toxic cycle can calm your mind.

Understanding the risks

Once you overthink it’s a downward spiral from here. It will become an inescapable loop that is very difficult to break. I still suffer from this problem sometimes as I write this, but with time and patience, it can get better for you.

You will look at everything with an eye of suspicion. Especially if you’re isolated or introverted, this is something that happens often. You might be fearful of unknown people or trying new things because you just can’t stop thinking.

Fear slowly infests its way into your daily life and becomes a part of your entire identity. This isn’t the kind of fear that saves it but the kind that destroys you.

Stop overthinking-Getting your life back

Once you are deep into the habit of overthinking every situation, the real quest begins when you decide you want to change it. Realizing the problem and starting your effort towards taking care of this problem is the first step.

Get into a habit of making your thinking sessions into constructive criticism sessions instead. Being constructive about a problem not only lets you reach a conclusion, but also keeps you sane. When you look at problems as things to solve you will start to think of ways how you will solve them rather than simmering them in your mind. If you are an over-thinker, this is the best you can do for now.

Once you learn how you can end the loop which keeps pulling you deeper, you can keep practicing it as long as you need it or until you find a better way.

Observe the lies your mind feeds you. You could even bait your mind into wandering off into pointless loops of overthinking over harmless little things. Catching yourself in the middle of such loops can be great training for you to apply it.

The most important path though is to be aware of yourself and the things and people around you. Learn to live in the now and spend little to no time inside your head. We all have internal monologues, some just have a voice that keeps going on even when you ask for it to stop. But there’s no chance for that to happen if you don’t spend time inside your head.

You should also rephrase all the questions that enter your mind with a better context. Instead of thinking “I’m stuck in my life” tell yourself “I will pursue a more fulfilling lifestyle”.

There could be times when you realize you just can’t stop overthinking and that is a part of your trait. Which is perfectly fine. But you need to learn how to use it to your advantage. Instead of using this trait of overthinking to damage your mind, you could channel it towards more productive things. In doing so, you just might find the formula that works for you.

Most people who overthink have a very strong internal voice. Working on your internal voice just might solve it. To achieve this, you need to stand up to this voice and be as critical as you can. Every single time you hear an internal voice, just try to criticize it without fail.


Overthinking is a plague that infests almost everyone, but even then it can still be used for good if you could switch the way you go about thinking. Constructive thinking is far superior to gloating and simmer over things that happened years ago and relating them to the current situations at hand.

Distractions can be another amazing tool to keep you from overthinking. Try to stay present as much as you can and work with your internal voice if you can. If you can’t work with your internal voice, stop trying to stay inside your head for too long and figure out other things to do.

Vaginal Yeast Infection in women


Women are vulnerable to vaginal yeast infections at different stages of their lives which is a normal occurrence to many. Though, the infection is relatively uncommon before puberty and after menopause. Yeast infections can be easily treated and avoided.

Narrative of Vaginal Yeast Infection

The vagina inhibits some good bacteria necessary for its functions.  However, an overgrowth of the bacteria causes yeast infection.  There are some symptoms of this infection that may include itching, burning sensation, itching, and whitish thick discharge.

 Who are at risk of getting Yeast Infection

About 75% of women always get the infection once in a while. You may have a higher risk of getting this infection if you are:

  1. Expectant
  2. Diabetic
  3. Using birth control pills that contain high estrogen levels
  4. Constantly douching or using vaginal sprays
  5. Taking antibiotics or just completed a dose
  6. Having a weak immune system

Main Symptoms of the infection

  • Itchiness, redness and a sore vagina
  • Burning sensation when urinating or having intercourse
  • A white, thick and curd like odorless discharge
  • rash(vaginal)
  • may be watery discharge

Can one Get Yeast infection from Intercourse

Not usual but possible. Though a yeast infection is not considered an STI, you can get it from your partner if he/she is infected.  However, as mentioned above, you can get a yeast infection without intercourse.

Should I Consult a Doctor?

Yes. Since the vagina is vulnerable to a number of infections, it is best to visit your doctor who is in a better position to diagnose what type of infection you have.

However, some women can easily identify a yeast infection and can treat it without a prescription. You ought to be very sure that what you are treating with over-the-counter medication for the yeast infection and not any other vaginal infection. in short, you should consult a health professional/doctor if ;

  • This is hapening first time
  • You’re not certain about yeast infection
  • Your are not benifited by the use of over-the-counter antifungal vaginal creams.
  • Your symptoms are worsening


The infection is usually treated with anti-fungal medicine either through the use of oral tablets, applications like creams, or tablets that are inserted into the vagina.

Should My Partner be Treated too?

Probably.  Although this is not STI, a yeast infection can be passed on to your partner. However, If the male partner also has an itching rash on the penis, he should seek a doctor.


  • Avoid douching which kills the good bacteria too
  • Avoid scented products around your vagina
  • Change your tampons or pads often
  • Avoid tight pants because they increase the warmth and moisture content.
  • Wear only cotton underwear that keeps you dry with less warmth and moisture
  • Always wipe your bikini area from front to back
  • Avoid very hot water and soaps when cleaning your vagina – use lukewarm water.

Yogurt and Yeast Treatment

 Somehow. Some studies have revealed that drinking yogurt that contains live cultures on a daily basis helps in preventing infection. Most women who use yogurt have reported lower yeast infection rates. though, further research and investigation are still underway to determine it.

Source: National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases.  (2013). Vaginal Yeast Infection.

10 Most Effective Ways to Lose Belly Fat


Most people do not have obesity or weight issues but find that the biggest problem is belly fat.  To most ladies, it is actually a cosmetic issue while actually to most men, it is obviously a health problem.  Therefore anyone with excess belly fat will always be on the lookout for ways to get rid of it.

A few proven ways to target the belly fat can be applied as follows:

1- Avoid Sugar

Research has shown that sugar has some harmful effects on metabolism. Sugar contains glucose and fructose.  When you consume sugar in large amounts, the liver, which metabolizes fructose gets flooded and turns it into fat which accumulates in the belly.

Sweetened beverages are even worse in this case.

Minimize your intake of refined sugar and increase consumption of whole fruit that has enough fiber to mitigate the negative effects of fructose.

2- Take More Protein

If you increase more Protein in your diet, that will be a better long-term strategy to reduce your belly fat.

This could be surprising but it is the most crucial macronutrient to accelerate weight loss.

It reduces cravings and boosts metabolism. It will also help to avoid regaining the lost weight. Some evidence has indicated that protein is very effective in getting rid of belly fat.

Increasing your intake of fish, poultry and low-fat dairy products helps a great deal.

3- Reduce the Carb intake

Restricting carb intake can be very effective in losing belly fat. Studies have shown that when you cut carbs in your diet, your appetite goes down resulting in weight loss.

Avoid refined carbs (white bread, white rice, pasta, etc) should be good enough, more so if you maintain your protein intake at a good level.

Cutting out a significant amount of carbs in the diet leads to ketosis, which kills your appetite pushing the body to start burning fats for fuel.

4- Increase intake of fiber

Viscous or soluble Fiber helps a lot with weight loss.  The fiber absorbs water from the food and forms a thick gel which slows down the digestion process giving the body enough time to absorb nutrients.  This in turn creates a feeling of fullness reducing your appetite dramatically.  This will certainly help you in your weight-loss drive.

5- Exercise regularly

This is the best treat you can ever give to your body. Exercise has the utmost importance in your life if you want to stay healthy and keep away many diseases.

Exercises like swimming, walking, dancing, and running have been proven to reduce belly fat.  It will also prevent re-gaining the weight.

Generally, exercise will also improve your overall health.

6- Check on your diet

Be always alert on what and how much you are eating.  Most people do not even know if they are eating a high protein meal or a low-carb meal. Eat only what is important.

It is also important to keep a track of your calories and weigh yourself regularly just to keep a watch on your body. This is the only way you achieve your goals – measure results.

7- Avoid stress

Belly fat really rooted in stress. You can have a situation where you’re pretty regular weight in the rest of your body.  Then in some stressful situations, you accumulate fat around the belly because stress and belly fat really go hand-in-hand

 Handling and managing your stress is going to be really important. While it’s not exactly easy to live a stress-free lifestyle

 One thing you can do is actively make time to do things that are relaxing and stress relieving.

 Going out for a long walk in nature is a wonderful way  not only to reduce your stress levels but also incorporate that physical exercise that would also help you get rid of that belly fat

8- Sleep properly

Getting a relaxed sleep is another wonderful way to reduce the levels of cortisol or stress hormones that cause belly fat. Do your best in your life that helps you live a more relaxed and happy.

9- Take green tea

Green tea contains important ingredients and anti-oxidant which really boost metabolism in your body. These ingredients help to reduce your belly fat. So green tea is really a wonderful beverage.

10- Add apple cider vinegar

Daily taking apple cider vinegar is another wonderful remedy to cut back belly fat. Besides many other benefits, It also helps to lose belly fat and prevent the storage of fat in your belly. It should be diluted in water to prevent some harmful effects on your teeth.

Final Word– Loosing belly fat is not an easy procedure.  Remember it has taken time to accumulate and time is needed to get rid of it. Patience and hard work is a must.  However, some supplements are available in the market to help jump start the procedure if you are a little impatient.

However, we will not recommend to going for them, instead do you best efforts.

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6 Healthy Foods which will naturally cut back your craving

Wouldn’t or not it’s nice if you’ll simply facilitate yourself from uptake too much? It wouldn’t be terribly laborious for you to utter, “No, thank you as you actually mean it and you’re actually not hungry.

That hungry feeling is what causes you to overeat. It’s terribly laborious to remain among the parameters of your weight loss arrange anytime you are feeling hungry. You just end up eating more, succumbing to every kind of food temptation there is.

The best way to lose weight and to keep it off is to stay satiated all the time. Now, this does not give you an excuse to eat whatever that’s there. You really shouldn’t do that.

What it means to stay satiated is to eat small portions of healthy foods round the clock.  This way, you won’t have to deal with hunger and you can easily say, “No thank you”. Eating these six healthy foods can easily help curb your appetite.


Do you want to curb your appetite? Eat some pistachios and other nuts. In spite of the high-calorie content of nuts, they can actually help you lose weight. The reason for that is because they help keep you feel fuller for a longer time. Nuts can also boost your metabolism.

When it comes to eating pistachios, you’ll benefit more from the in-shelled pistachios. Studies show that folks who ate in-shelled pistachios consumed lesser calories as compared to the folks who chose to snack on the shelled pistachios.

Seeing a pile of shells sends a message that it’s time to stop eating. This somehow gives you a feeling of fullness. It will also help you resist whatever food comes along.


Yes, apples not only keep the doctor away but also melt the pounds away. Apples are loaded with soluble fiber that can easily make you feel full according to research on diet and weight loss site At the same time, they contain a natural compound called, ursolic acid that can help burn a lot of fat.

You will surely benefit from eating the whole apple. Not only will it help curb your appetite, but you’ll also have glowing skin as well.


If you worry about overeating during the day, you should make sure to eat an egg for breakfast. Eggs actually quell ghrelin, the hormone that makes you feel hungry.  At the same time, they elevate two other hormones that help keep you feel satiated the whole day.

So don’t think twice about eating that egg for breakfast. It will definitely help curb your appetite. You’ll be feeling full the whole day.


Now, you have every reason to eat mangoes. These yummy fruits are loaded with bioactive ingredients, which include a compound called mangiferin. This particular compound helps trim body fat.

There’s also one more good reason as to why you should be eating more mangoes. These stone fruits actually help control your blood sugar levels. So don’t hesitate to add some mangoes to your diet. They’re good for your health. At the same time, you’ll be feeling full and satiated for a longer period of time.


According to a study that was published in the Journal of Human Nutrition and Dietetics, overweight folks were able to lose ten pounds in a span of 16 weeks by adding more nuts to their diet. Not only did their weight improve, so did their blood cholesterol levels.

Beans, such as lentils, chickpeas, and peas, are loaded with lots and lots of fiber. You can also get a lot of protein from beans. These fiber-rich foods can easily help you control your cravings, eventually curbing your appetite.

Greek Yogurt

Yes, you can indulge in yogurt so long as it’s the Greek variety. You’ve probably heard about the benefits of eating Greek yogurt. There’s just so much fuss about it since it can really help in weight loss

According to research, calcium, protein, and probiotics help keep the weight down. So stop reaching out for certain foods that will only ruin your diet. Instead, opt to indulge in a creamy cup of Greek yogurt. This way, you can easily watch your weight and curb your appetite.

Curbing your appetite is not an easy thing to do. Some folks go to the extent of taking appetite suppressants just so they can curb their appetite. Don’t make the mistake of doing that. You will only endanger your health. These six healthy foods can help you curb your appetite the natural way.

Gestational Diabetes

Gestational diabetes is a hyperglycemic state (increased glucose level), that develops during pregnancy.

It generally disappears after childbirth. As it is diagnosed first time during pregnancy, so it is called gestational diabetes.

It may occur at any time during pregnancy, but more commonly in the second and third trimesters.

Gestational diabetes is a brief condition that occurs during pregnancy. This is probably one of the top health problems that a woman has to face during pregnancy.

Really is a double evil! If a woman has had diabetes during pregnancy, it is most likely to pass on to her children.

Thus, if a pregnant woman has gestational diabetes, there are increased chances of developing diabetes for both mother and child.

Well-judged knowledge about this condition goes to control it effectively by diet and exercise.

After the baby is born, the mother and the child both recover their original health. One crisis gives room for a series of troubles.

The most important risk is the birth of an overweight baby. The condition is known as Macrosomia.

There may be some problems by birth, the most important one being damage to the baby’s shoulders during birth. Some basic precautions should be taken to reduce the risk of developing gestational diabetes.

It is taking options to natural methods again! Make it a point to lose weight, if you are overweight.

You should be careful and choosy about your food, and above all, do exercise regularly.

Successful controlling of blood sugar during pregnancy can keep you and your baby healthy and prevent a difficult delivery.

This type of diabetes is a temporary condition, a transient phase that occurs during pregnancy. There is another risk for the baby during this condition. It may develop breathing problems.

What are the causes of gestational diabetes, it is exactly not known yet? But there are certain clues and possibilities as, why gestational diabetes occurs! There is insulin resistance.

 The placenta, which connects mother and baby in the womb, helps the baby as it grows and produces several hormones.

Hormones help the baby to develop. But the hormones may also do a damaging act. For example, they may alter the action of the mother’s insulin in her body. The mother’s body finds it hard to use insulin, so her requirement of insulin goes up by 300 % and gestational diabetes is the result!

Maximum care is needed to fight gestational diabetes, as it concerns the mother’s health and that of the baby. Food choices are of principal importance. They will have valuable effects on the health of your baby’s growth. If your health is remarkable, there will be less risk of cesarean section birth.

In numerous cases, there are pieces of evidence that gestational diabetes leads to type II diabetes later.

You should do exercise regularly even during pregnancy, but you must consult your doctor before starting it.

This is the decisive period for you as well as for the baby. Correct exercises give strength to your body and have beneficial effects on the growth of the baby within.

Close up the door for diabetes, even if it is related to the only gestation. This is evil and doesn’t deserve our mercy.

How to Place video on your website

Suppose, you need to put the video on your site then you should have a piece of decent information on the essential video document types. What video record type to utilize? What are the upsides and downsides of each document type? These are just a part of the requests you should posture to yourself prior to proceeding with video execution on your site pages

There are three essential video record types on the web, MPEG, AVI, and QuickTime. I accept the QuickTime document type is the most mainstream since a ton of gigantic amusement and news destinations use it only on their website pages.

AVI is the most established of the three principle record types. It is windows arranged video design yet it’s not the most mainstream because of the sound and video similarity and synchronizing issues. Since the QuickTime arrangement can be utilized on either windows or a Mac PC, the AVI video document type loses its prevalence consistently.

The MPEG design is a mainstream video record type that utilizes its high yield quality to build its notoriety over the QuickTime design. Mpeg is utilized on computer games, CD ROM, and different media that require high yield quality. One insult of MPEG is that it repentances record size to gain in cutting edge quality. The MPEG video documents are typically enormous.

Another impediment of the MPEG design is that you truly need time and complex equipment and programming to change over plain video into MPEG.

 Likewise, we ought not to neglect to recollect that the MPEG configuration isn’t maintained by apple and Mac inferring that in case you put video MPEG on your site, those clients with a Mac cannot see it.

QuickTime is by a wide margin the most mainstream video record type created by Apple for Mac clients, but at the same time is viable with the IBM-viable machines and the windows working frameworks. The equipment and programming you need to digitize video into the QuickTime design are exceptionally economical, contrasted with the MPEG design. So it’s a lot simpler and less expensive to make a video and put it on your site utilizing the QuickTime design.


OK, you’ve chosen that you need to bring in cash with Affiliate Marketing. Along these lines, you join some subsidiary projects and begin submitting free promotions to bulletins and free publicizing classifieds destinations. You will bring in BIG cash now – correct?

Not a chance! Sorry! Merely handing over a couple of promotions won’t do it. Not assuming you need to be a genuine achievement.

You should initially decide your enthusiasm. I mean other than bringing in the cash! What is your interest? What do you realize how to do really well? What is your work? Every person has some unique incredible ability. Discover yours.

You likely have more than one thing that you are extremely keen on and progress admirably. Check whether you can discover five (ten in cases you’re truly driven). Record them in a rundown. Keep in mind that you will be investing a great deal of energy working on this subject. Ensure you appreciate it!

Go down everything on your rundown. Begin composing a harsh framework of all that you think about the subject. It doesn’t need to be intricate. This is simply to give you a thought of how much data is accessible for a given subject.

Attempt mind planning. Record the fundamental subject of your thought. Draw a circle around it. Presently, begin considering sub-classes that are identified with your primary classification. Define a boundary from your principle class and end it with a circle. Put the sub-classification title inside this circle. Find as many sub-classes (and sub-sub-classifications) as you can.

Go through every one of your inclinations with this methodology. Pick the one that you realize the most about and that you can expound on serenely.

Imagine a scenario in which you “figure” you don’t think enough about your subject. Then, at that point, do some examination. Understand books and magazines. Do some pursuits on the Internet. Who can say for sure? You may discover a region, a specialty that is simply hanging tight for you to fill with valuable data.

There’s significantly more to offshoot showcasing. Be that as it may, the initial step is to discover your energy. Your “enthusiasm” doesn’t need to bring in cash on the Internet. It tends to cook, sewing, billiards, or whatever. Truth be told, it’s better on the off chance that you discover a specialty that isn’t in the web-based promoting field since that is the thing that almost every other person is doing.

Make your subject remarkable. Make it yours. Furthermore, make it your energy. It will compensate you fairly.

Data recovery, how to find an advisor

Everybody’s PC crashes from time to time. So what would you be able to do after that feared crash? Recruit a Data Recovery advisor or Consultant.

 You wouldn’t allow someone to discard significant reports or records of yours, okay? Indeed, don’t allow your PC to pull off that all things considered.

Regardless of whether your business has reinforcement records, your information is still in danger of erasure. That is the reason it’s ideal to have a Data Recovery Consultant on your side.

 At the point when your hard drive crashes, it very well may be something unnerving. Imagine a scenario where you lose the information you never had the opportunity to reinforce.

Imagine a scenario where you need that information to be recuperated right away. Consider the possibility that commonplace rebuilding systems aren’t working.

Mishaps occur, yet something like this isn’t as simple to disregard as spilled milk. So before that feared PC crash, why not make a game arrangement?

Expressly reestablishing your hard drive information is certifiably not an optimal choice yet a Data Recovery firm or advisor can pull a “Last-ditch effort” for you. Still not persuaded you should place matters into others’ hands?

Indeed, there are convincing benefits to surrendering a fix to an expert. To begin with, talented specialists will improve work; they have insight under their belts and will think around a few various types of information misfortune and rebuilding.

Also, they have the appropriate instruments, gear, and programming gadgets needed for the fix – things you would need to put resources into you in any case. Furthermore, on the off chance that your information recuperation needs are for a business, there is the familiar proverb “time is cash” you might need to remember. An expert can save you time.

Stay away from the danger of losing touchy and significant information and stay away from the migraine of attempting to reestablish that information by a cutoff time! Recruit an expert.

 In any case, how would you approach discovering an information recuperation firm? A company’s administrations can be costly and the danger of information misfortune can in any case be high on the off chance that you don’t explore a firm ahead of time.

Contact a specialist co-op and track down a helpful, however legitimate organization to go to. An expert may cost significantly more than sending your drive out to a firm, however essentially fix can be on your own turf.

Gauge the expenses and benefits and choose what is ideal – in any case, your information is presumably more secure in a specialist’s hands and not your own. The Internet is additionally an extraordinary method to get some answers concerning a company’s faculty and administrations.

Frequently you can even peruse suggestions by different customers. However, don’t simply investigate a firm from far off; feel free to create time to stop for a moment to talk with workers so you can be guaranteed of their capabilities.

Basics of e-Commerce to start an online business

e-commerce stands for electronic commerce and it is buying and selling of products or services on the internet and also of transfer of money for the purchase of products or services.   

A product or a service online, e-commerce has expanded exponentially in recent years and will continue to do so in the future for small and medium, or even large-sized businesses.

It’s a business all the way through to large corporations and even independent freelancers who have benefited from e-commerce for their products and services, and are now so easy to discover and purchase.  

At any hour of any day from almost anywhere globally, such business remains on the active.

E-commerce is the fastest-growing retail market, so why wouldn’t you want to be a part of that. There are a lot of benefits to hopping on e-commerce.  

Being electronic you have a global market this multiplies your target audience exponentially, and you’ll also choose who your customers are and define how to target them with your store being online. You’re essentially open 24/7 365 days a year there’s no need to flip that sign-on.  

Your front door that states open on one side and closed on the other, customers can purchase your goods all day any day.

You also have the ability to work from anywhere in the world provided that you have an internet connection, you’re also going to require a lower investment.

Costs are very low as compared to a physical store, so you can open an e-commerce store provided that you have the few essentials to get started these essentials include a product or service to sell, a  place to sell them a means to process payments, and a marketing strategy to attract customers.  

Let’s discuss each of these a little further, so you will need a product or service to sell right off the bat. You can either make something  yourself or you can source it from somewhere else  

Some things you must keep in mind that to whom you want to sell your product or service that is unique.

You don’t want to sell something that every other Tom Dick and  Harry is selling, what’s the point this means more competition and fewer chances of sales also try and think of a product or a service that solves someone’s problem no one likes having problems. 

So if you have something that can solve enough people’s problems, you’re a winner. Finally, the cost of your goods and the selling price of your products at a low enough rate that you remain competitive to similar products on the market however you don’t want to price yourself too low that you don’t make a  sufficient profit to keep operating.

On the other hand, you have to be careful with the price that is too high, otherwise, no one will purchase your products.

As you will be selling your goods, and the nature of e-commerce is selling online, so you’re not going to be looking for a brick-and-mortar location or physical storefront, you’ll need a website or an eCommerce platform to sell your products.

You can either build your own website or use a  CMS content management system, a CMS provides the basic framework for your website and allows you to add and edit your products accept.

Building your own website, the factors to keep in mind are when choosing your CMS platform are pricing, scalability, flexibility, and ease of use.

Keep in mind that your website or CMS platform is acting as your physical shop, this is where people come to interact with you and purchase your goods. This is where you influence them, this is where you impact how likely they are to convert from a visitor to a  sale and hopefully a repeat sale so the decision of where you will be selling your goods is one of the most important ones that you will make choices wisely.

The next thing to think about is  how you’ll be transacting with customers this is a  really important decision your payment provider is  someone that needs to be credible and trustworthy  because after all the ones are handling your  income

Important points to keep in mind here are compatibility with your eCommerce platform available in the countries that your business is targeting the ability to accept payments in different currencies the fees charged reliability and reporting and usability and customer support. 

some payment processes that we highly recommend  are stripe and PayPal

Lastly, you’ll need a good marketing strategy to attract your customers let’s face it if you don’t attract customers to your online store you aren’t going to make sales.

It’s not like having a physical storefront where need a good amount of work if you’re going to be successful, it’s also an area that constantly needs to be revisited reviewed, and adjusted based on what’s bringing your traffic and what is not.

There are a few areas of focus, for this one social media has become a channel of digital influence and is a brilliant tool for building brand awareness it’s almost impossible. 

For new brands to be successful online without some sort of social media like Facebook, Twitter Pinterest, Instagram, and other networks can be used for almost everything from specific targeting and real-time engagement to customer service and direct sales.

It’s a no-brainer to  stay heavily active on these platforms and the  best part of these are they’re free number two  

SEO stands for search engine optimization. This refers to techniques that help your business to rank higher in search engine results pages, this makes your website more visible to people who are looking for products or services.

Google search to find what you’re looking for. Our websites are to be ranked there because of good SEO. You also need to formulate official emails. It is a highly successful tool to keep your audience engaged and to increase your business. Emails marketing is growing up pretty fast. You can take advantage of this technique.

Benefits of e-commerce

online commerce has benefits. Following are some of the important ones.

  1. Easier
    online buying makes purchases simpler, faster, and less time-consuming, allowing for 24-hour sales, quick delivery, and easy returns.
  2. Improvement
    E-commerce makes have capacity to improve and by customer feedbacks which may be available instantly. In this way the products or services can fulfill customer satisfaction.
  3. Global access
    Customers from all around can reach to your site. There is no need to travel to purchase products. So corporations are no longer restricted by geography or physical barriers.
  4. Less costly
    As there is no need of land, construct building or shops ,no bricks or concrete needed, so internet business can be started with much less costs.
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