Pop it – what you need to know

Pop it - what you need to know
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Pop it is a fidget toy usually made of silicon with various bright colors. Fidget literally means a continuous small movement. So fidget toys are not only fun for children but also regulate movement and touch.

Pop it toys

These are silicon soft toys made up of silicon with attractive bright colors. The other names for them include simpl dimpl, go pop, or the last one lost. It contains pokable bubbles very much similar to bubble wrap. One can pop the “bubbles” over and over again

Shape and types

There are many types of sports i.e, indoor sports and outdoor sports along with other activities. During covid19, indoor activities were increased due to people remaining at home. During the lockdown period, stress and anxiety heightened. At the same time, young adults and children used many such fidgets or toys like push pop bubble fidgets.

They are available in various shapes and sizes and can be flipped, reusable and washable. Some examples are;

Fidget spinner, stress ball, cubes, trays, phone case, bags.

Pop it toy benefits

These types of toys are pop fidget sensory toys. They are not only for cute fun but also great for stress and anxiety relief. Pop-it toys help children with their co ordinate movement of fingers.

They enhance the ability to stay attentive, calm, and focused in children and adults. They are beneficial in children with anxiety, panic, and  ADHD disorders.

Children like them

These toys are getting popular among children. As they are soft, produce gentle sounds, and have various colors, and shapes. These toys keep your hands busy when tremendous boredom situations. During the covid19 lockdown, they became more popular not only among children but adult also.

Who first invented ?

It was invented in 1975 by an Israeli couple Ora Coster of Theora who also invented many other games. At first, manufacturers were reluctant in making such toys due to expensive rubber. However, in 2009 a Canadian company FoxMind Games based in Montreal produced toys with silicon. The first time It was introduced as a logic game by FoxMind in 2014 during the Nuremberg Toy Fair afterward in the New York Toy Fair. Then it got rapid  poularity in 2019.FoxMind in association with Buffalo Games, LLC to launch the toy under FoxMind’s Pop It!

This company gained the toy’s success during  2021 to a 2020  from a TikTok videoin which  a monkey named Gaitlyn played with a Go Pop.

Why pop it was invented?

The pop-it become stimulated because of a dream that Ora Coster had after her sister died of breast cancer, consistent with the BBC report. “She said, ‘Theo, believe a huge area of breasts, that you could push the nipple.

Is Pop It addictive?

These are considered sensory or fidget toys, which means, such toys are used to de-stress and calm users.  not only children but can use the for fun and relaxation. so users love to have such toys and relax themselves whenever they have time.

Why is Pop Its so popular?

According to a report in the New York Times, kids loved it during pandemic while they were learning remotely. it was found that they were relaxed when they used them having soothing effects on them.

How much money is a Pop It?

There are different varieties of such fidgets. most of the are not very much expensive. you can buy some of them for less than 10$.

When did Pop It become popular?

They gain popularity in 2021 because of TikTok influencers and also of boredom and stress due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Should fidget toys be allowed in school?

The simple answer is not. because students may use the excessively and can hinder their class work.

Are Pop-It toys good for toddlers?

Such toys have therapeutic effects on kids. they find fun in them that is soothing. children focus their attention while using them so they are beneficial for them.

Can babies play with Pop Its?

these sensory toys are made for babies of age 2 months and over. but toddlers, teens, and adults really enjoy it as they have a soothing sensation while popping bubbles and again flipping over and popping the bubbles from the other side.

Is Pop-It good for ADHD?

Yes, they are. these fidgets are not only for children with ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder – a neurodevelopmental disorder )but also good for children having sensory disorders and Autism

Are Pop It toys toxic?

usually, Silicon of high quality is used in these toys. they are tasteless and non-toxic. they don’t harm humans or pets unless the lead is not present or in a negligible quantity.

From where you can buy pop-it fidgets?

these are available not only available in markets but you can also buy them online like from Amazon, eBay, etc.


These fidgets are not only toys and games for fun but also have many beneficial effects. They can give user soothing effects to the user. They improve kids learning behavior and make them calm and provide stress .


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